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January 10, 2008
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Advanced Portal Assassin by Nineteen-Angels Advanced Portal Assassin by Nineteen-Angels
Entry for the Class Act contest on Seventh Sanctum (link). Using the class/profession generator (link) the Advanced Portal Assassin popped out.

-|Close-ups of the pistols and the sword hilts|-

The Advanced Portal Assassin is a unique blend of technology and magic. These assassins can only be created and it is a very rare occurrence. When a sentient being passes through a spatial distortion, such as a black hole, they are destroyed. However, there is a very small chance that this being, after being ripped apart, has enough force of will to recombine itself*. During this process of recombination ambient energy inside the distortion infuses the being with power. This power can manifest in any number of ways. There is no way to predict how the end product will look, but they all have a few powers in common.

-Superhuman Strength
-Superhuman Speed
-Superhuman Intelligence
-Weapons Expertise (Weapons that the original being was familiar with. It is theorized that the being’s mind attracts the information contained in the distortions that came from a mind similar to it’s own.)
-Tactical Expertise
-Ability to Open Wormholes

This particular assassin was a human astronaut, and manifested himself as a being of pure energy contained in a suit of armor. His wings are the mechanism for flight and opening wormholes. The ability to open wormholes allows him to travel anywhere, over any distance in the same amount of time; usually only a few minutes. The ends of the wormholes stay open only briefly after he has passed through. It is possible for things other than himself to travel through them, but it is very dangerous without a stabilization mechanism like his wings.

His armor is made out of a metal that is one hundred times stronger and more durable than any titanium or steel alloy. On the outside of the metal there is a layer of fibers that are extremely durable (these fibers may be some sort of astronomical derivative of spider’s silk). The fibers are there merely to facilitate the application of a, as of yet unknown, type of shear thickening fluid. These treated fibers allow any energy to be displaced across a larger surface area, lessening the impact force at any one point. It is unknown as to why he needs the armor or even if he does.

His primary weapons are a pair of semi-automatic pistols, made out of the same materials as his armor, that require no upkeep. Each of the pistols has a fifteen round magazine, as well as a spare magazine held in a holster attached to the back of his belt. The rounds used are .45 caliber DU (depleted uranium) rounds. Filled magazines are spontaneously created in the holster as he takes them out. These rounds can pierce the majority of armor. It is unclear as to how he creates more magazines and rounds as this would violate the principles of physics, or why he can only take filled magazines from the holsters instead of simultaneously refilling the magazines already in the pistols.

His secondary weapons are two short swords. The swords are made out of the same material as his armor. Each sword hilt contains two removable throwing daggers. The blade edges on the throwing daggers as well as the swords are very small; less than one nanometer. This edge thickness is so small that it allows him to cut between cells, and lets him cut through almost anything with just a small amount of force. The swords are held in sheaths on his back.

He seeks employment as a mercenary for any galactic civilization that can afford it. However, he does not take missions that could completely destroy a rival solely because it would not benefit him. His expert grasp of tactical warfare allows him to lead companies or even armies in addition to solo missions.

There have been only three reported cases of Advanced Portal Assassins in the last half a millennia. It is extremely rare for them to come into contact with one another given the berth of the universe, but there was an altercation between the earth-origin assassin and a foreign assassin that ended in the foreigner being completely destroyed. The only evidence of the only other assassin came in a radio transmission, and it is not even certain if it still exists due to the travel time of the radio wave.

*-(Clarification) It is theorized that at some points in space a spatial distortion is connected to an opposite version of itself (e.g. black holes and white holes). This allows for the ejection of the matter that they have taken in.

Note- The background is all white by design. At this point he is flying through a wormhole. The light that is taken into the wormhole is reflected infinitely, so without any wavelength being absorbed there is no contrast to anything except for the ends.
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padfrog Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008
heh, and here i was expecting a female, with springy-things attached to her feet with a magnet in one hand and a ASHPD in the other.
padfrog Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008
still good though
Nineteen-Angels Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008   Filmographer
Thanks, and your expectations were pretty confusing for a minute.
CabbyHat Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2008
Wow. Godmode much? :D

That aside, you've obviously put quite a bit of thought into this! Great job. I'm rooting for you.
Nineteen-Angels Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008   Filmographer
Thanks. And godmode is always the best way to go. It makes for really epic battles.
CabbyHat Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
Only if both sides are godmoding. Otherwise it's just kind of... boring.

But from what you've said, sounds like you've made provisions for that. ^_^
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